HypoPG is a stat extension, but it’s a useful extension to take full advantage of all the PoWA features.

HypoPG allows you to create hypothetical indexe. A hypothetical index is an index that doesn’t exists on disk. It’s therefore almost instant to create and doesn’t add any IO cost, whether at creation time or at maintenance time. The goal is obviously to check if an index is useful before spending too much time, I/O and disk space to create it.

With this extension, you can create hypothetical indexes, and then with EXPLAIN check if PostgreSQL would use them or not.

Where is it used in powa-web ?

If pg_qualstats is configured, PoWA will be able to detect missing indexes, either per-query or for the whole workkload of a database!

When PoWA shows suggestion of missing indexes, if HypoPG is available on the target database (of the remote server if the Remote setup mode is used), it’ll also try to create a hypothetical index for each suggested index, and show you if PostgreSQL would use it or not.

This can be seen on the per-query page, in the Predicates tab:

And on the database page, if you use the “Optimize this database” feature:


As seen in Quickstart, the PostgreSQL development packages should be available.

First, you need to download and extract the lastest release of hypopg.

wget https://github.com/hypopg/hypopg/archive/1.3.1.tar.gz -O hypopg-1.3.1.tar.gz
tar zxvf hypopg-1.3.1.tar.gz
cd hypopg-1.3.1

Then, compile the extension:


Then install the compiled file. This step has to be made with the user that has installed PostgreSQL. If you have used a package, it will be certainly be root. If so:

sudo make install

Else, sudo into the user that owns your PostgreSQL executables, and

make install

No specific configuration or PostgreSQL restart is needed.

Connect as a superuser on each database of each server you want to be able to use hypopg on, and type:


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