PostreSQL Workload Analyzer


You can try powa at Just click connect and try its features!

Thanks to Dalibo for providing it.

The PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer is performance tool for PostgreSQL 9.4 and superior allowing to collect, aggregate and purge statistics on a PostgreSQL instance from various sources. It is implemented as a background worker.

This includes support for various stat extensions:

It supports the following extension:

  • HypoPG, allowing you to create hypothetical indexes and test their usefulness without creating them

Additionnaly, the PoWA User Interface allows you to make the most sense of this information.

Main components

  • PoWA-archivist is the PostgreSQL extension, collecting statistics.
  • PoWA-web is the graphical user interface to powa-collected metrics.
  • Stat extensions are the actual source of data.
  • PoWA is the whole project.

You should first take a look at the Quickstart guide.